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TRAVELOG 2018/September:

Lovely fall weather has taken over Bigfork, and sweaters/jackets are coming out of our closets…in fact, the dining room and halls have been so cold we are routinely wearing wraps in the building.  Allen and I reluctantly attended a meeting in the Community Hall at the behest of my friend Carly but quickly saw that we were in the right place to hear a thoughtful, informed candidate for the County Council who is desperately needed to replace the existing and, essentially, useless group of three idiots.….so now I have become focused on local politics, but as to our national situation, I shake my head in wonder and hope the Universe is working hard in support of the Great Experiment.

 Allen has joined with our friend Lynn to produce excellent meals of (1) Tempura, and now (2) Spring Rolls in her lovely home high on a local hill.  He loves to chef; she loves to sou-chef and the rest of us love to eat whatever they make, and so it’s the proverbial win-win for us all.

 This month, the amazing new volunteer concert team honored me with a plaque, giving thanks for all the years of Riverbend music, and piece de resistance, a lifetime admit card to the summer concerts. And Charles received similar accolades/gifts…pretty darn sweet…this group has already done a better job than our team ever did.

 The study team has had a hard time meeting in a busy Bigfork summer of family and friends, but we finally started again this month when only four of us met at dinner in the Activities Room when Betty gave her presentation on the Channel Islands off the coast of California.  As with all of these ISLAND presentations, who would have known?  Every island has an amazing and ancient story to tell…fascinating! Next month, when Robin reports on Madagascar, we should have everyone back again.

  In the matter of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing, we were so compelled by the TV coverage that we asked our friend Bev from the kitchen to bring us both lunch and dinner on trays while we focused on each speaker, senator, questioner.  Me thinks the Judge protesteth and sniffeth too much during his inquisition… I am remembering how contained and soft-spoken he was during the Fox interview, and I am asking the real Judge Kavanaugh to please stand up.

Meantime, I tend more and more to regard Lady Macbeth Kavanaugh as the force behind the Judge…sitting close enough to pinch him during interviews and all speaking opportunities ….well, just an idea.   The week ahead will give us more drama, but more truth?

We are in good health and busy, busy all the time…okay wobbly and older… it’s part of the deal, but that doesn’t hold us back. Good news from Allen’s oncologist when that good doctor reported a .1 PSA since the 5th and last radiation.

 September is a happy birthday month for Hal, my Calendarscope told me right before the program quit working, but what other birthdays were celebrated in September, I know not…darn!