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September 30, 2017

It’s been a month worth waiting for, and more of this lovely fall weather on the way, as we move gently toward October…soft breezes, warm sunshine, a little snow on our mountains and the rain showers we have been praying for. Our study team has met again after a summer break (although with some sadness because we had to say goodbye to Kate, a valued member). The Community Hall Board met and my recorder functioned properly (as opposed to the last meeting) and the LeftOver Biscuits brought their special brand of musical joy to the residents of Rising Mountains (but “only if Charlotte will be there.”)

My lovely, lovely surprise in September was a visit from Anni Good, a former resident with whom I have a special heart connection. Anni came to Bigfork as a teenage girl from Germany when the jobs in that devastated country were minimal. I don’t know why she came to Bigfork, but come she did, found work and, eventually married. Her husband built her a house on the river and she lives there still until winter comes, which season she now spends in Arizona with family. We are close to the same age, Anni and I, and, okay, the years have passed and we are beset with a variety of wobbles and aches and pains and failing body parts, but there’s still such a sparkle in Anni’s eyes and she is sharp as the proverbial tack. LaNell, a treasured CNA, who could understand Anni’s speech much better than I, translated so we had a lovely three-way conversation before Anni left. I send her the travelog each month, so she knows about Allen. He was just coming home as she was going out the front door with friends who had brought her, so they had a chance to meet and talk and she to admonish Allen to be good to me…well, yes…

We spent a lovely day with Rainy this past week. The plan had been to drive to Bozeman (long trip!!) to see the famous Dinosaur Museum, but we leaned (wrongly) that it was closed so Rainy took us to their favorite camp ground at Two Medicine. It was amazing and beautiful, and so good to be in the places she has talked about since I’ve known her…I will include a couple of pictures Rainy took that day.

The only downside of living at Rising Mountains, and, I guess, any other assisted-living facility, is that we lose our friends much more often than we would have in our previous environments. Yesterday, Resident Ruth Thomson,quietly died. It was her choice to go without any of the usual resuscitation efforts. Last week we celebrated her happy 90thbirthday with her whole family and wine and good food and much laughter….and now she is gone. I was feeling pretty down until Bob and Caroline called to tell me they are expecting a baby. So the cycle of life continues and all is very well.

Ruth’s was not the only September birthday of note…among others of importance to me personally were Rainy Hartt, Hal Leupp and three Siegfrieds: Augie, Marty and Louis…Happy Birthday all!