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October Travelog

2017 Travelog: October 31st

The month has come and gone with lovely fall days, constant activities, residents coming and going, dinners out…but no really outstanding event until today…Halloween! Not only is this the day/night of ghosts and goblins (honored by small munchkins trick-or-treating at Rising Mountains), it is also the day of Allen’s liberation, so to speak. None of this happens without stress and strain, emotional and otherwise. I waited for him in the lobby afterward, and when he came in, he cried, and I cried, and we ate dinner and drank a bottle of Prosecco.

In honor of such a significantly event, the weather turned to rain and ice and dropping temps overnight, and in the morning huge, welcoming snow flakes fluttered by our bedroom window. October was also a significant birthday month for Rebecca, Elizabeth, and dear friend Kimmie McKee, who will be visiting around December 1st when their group gathers to rehearse for another Cowboy Christmas show.