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Travelog: November 30, 2018

 I think November 2018 will be best remembered for the fall we each took in the bathroom but no lasting harm done to either. WHEW!  As the completely-paid-for New-Zealand-by- way-of-Hawaii trip looms (leaving on February 1st), no accidents allowed!!

 Thanksgiving was huge at Rising Mountains….not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners…the first featuring ham and the second, turkey and dressing etc, etc.  Charles, who had had at least three bids for The Day, still accepted our ham dinner invitation for the 20th with great pleasure; although Albert, who was excited about coming, too, was ill… but we also enjoyed the real Thanksgiving feast with a merry group of residents on the 22nd.

 The month proceeded smartly on, although, by the end of any day, I have never accomplished everything I set out to do in the morning. We are looking forward to a short visit with K&K on the 30th when we will have talk time (never enough since we see them so rarely these days) as they head on to rehearse for the Cowboy Christmas Concert in Polson…. but while they are here, they will perform for us and in the dining room for the residents. Charles is sad because he offered to find them a proper venue in Bigfork last year but they didn’t follow up with him, so maybe next year this popular Montana concert will be performed in Bigfork.

 As the month comes to a close, we celebrate the Happy Birthdays of Kenny Willson and Kenny Kimbrough, as well as that of the lovely Emma Osborne…I swear she was just born….