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November 30, 2017

 The month has rolled along toward another beautiful Montana winter and there had been no outstanding events until I fell in the bathroom, just pulling up the heel of my bed sock…no harm done beyond some aches and bruises. The highlight of the month blew in with Tom and Susie, who braved the winter passes to spend the holiday with us. We four shared the Thanksgiving feast at Rising Mountains, moved on to another feast in When in Rome the next day, and on to yet another in Showthyme the following evening with our old friends Blu and Rose. Meantime, back in the apartment…. Susie and Tom changed the crowded living room closet into a proper winter-coat keeper.  This, of course was not all Susie accomplished…she reorganized my files and cleaned out multiple drawers…a real change-maker! Allen was so pleased to know my children, and remembers their visit as a major plus in our lives.

 I was horrified to discover that their picture, as well as Ken and Glyndon’s, was still sitting  on the floor, waiting to be hung, after the bed had been moved to the opposite wall in honor of the TV screen.  My plan had been to ask Tom to hang them back up, but he and Susie were so busily engaged in making other improvements that I forgot to mention it, so now I will ask the next tall boy to arrive at Apt 126 to hang them for me.

 Our lessons never stop coming at us until the very end.  My most recent life lesson is that our children can never be our friends, no matter how well we think we know them…they are still our children and never the twain shall meet.  I should have known.  Granny knew…only once did she allow herself to speak out in anger against her philandering husband …”Bamby, I should have left Bob years ago!!”  Neither of us ever mentioned it again, and she carried on, uncomplaining, through the real pain of losing PawPaw, and her sometimes harsh or thoughtless treatment by her son.”  

 And on a happier note, Kenny Kimbrough’s Very Happy Birthday was celebrated with food and flowers and expressions of great love by friends and family in Portland Oregon, and Emma Osborne celebrated her joyful next year in Austin, Texas.  Joy to both!