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2018 travelog: May 30

The Birthday celebrations came off as planned.  The First Friday ladies wished me the very best and sang with vigor, My Hall friends made a big thing of mine at the pie auction, with cake, song, hugs…there was even an inebriated lady who insisted on walking me to the car when the evening was over, all the while proclaiming her true love, no matter that we had never met before…and the auction brought in more money than the previous auctions by a bunch. 

The marvelous new Riverbend volunteers who responded to my published plea for help in keeping the summer concerts going, are hot shots, every one… and the amazing Jennifer is IN CHARGE!!  They hold their meetings here at Rising Mountains so I see them often.

Allen and I have returned to the Athletic Club M-W-F mornings…we lost a lot of ground in those two weeks we were away and so have much work to do…and we’ll both be having PT time with the lovely and talented Carly, as well.

Returning to last month’s topic of Romahue, that amazing wild animal preserve somewhere in Chile (we drove for miles and miles, stopping and turning/ reversing, periodically…not a clue where exactly it was...and terrified Lesley driving the entire way because Mina was still without here license and passport).  The preserve was huge and is owned by Silvio (veterinarian) and Susana, his wife, in conjunction with support from the Chilean government.  After some number of years (?), there is by now a large meeting area with kitchen, fire pit, bathrooms, etc. and, out on the far property, large cages where injured/healing animals are kept.  We were given a tour so we could see the huge puma with a wrapped back leg, interacting with a visiting puma friend close by, and a group of little foxes, one of whom was seeing the veterinarian.

We were charmed by Silvio and Susana, who fed us a delicious meal grown on their land, and entertained us with Guitar (Silvio) and duet (Silvio and shy Susana) and we responded to their questions about our home in Montana by inviting them to visit us.  Promptly, Silvio said they would come.  Finally I have been together enough to send an email, along with a photo so they could remember who among their many visitors had issued the invitation… and later, this enchanting reply,


Dear Friends...

Thank you for the lovely photography and for the really friendly moments we share with you.  We never forget your visit!! and we try, as soon as possible to visit you...

A big hug in spiritual friendship

Susana y Silvio