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May, 31, 2017


This lovely month started as a strong rain-bringer but has ended in the glorious sunny days of near-summer., Snow is rapidly disappearing from our mountains and my Mountain Man is harder and harder to spot among the many peaks and valleys of the Swan Range ( but I will always be able to see him).

 The outstanding events of May were Garrett Duke’s birthday on the first, and my Happy 92nd Birthday Party, which was a glorious day spent in the company of dear friends and family. When you set up your own celebration by asking people you love a lot, well…there you are …being loved back, over and over.  I ordered wine from our friends at the Jug Tree…Donna herself brought two cases to that same little sitting room next to my Rising Mountains apartment where Hal and Laura helped me celebrate my 90th. The whole event was put together by Kittycolleen and Stephie who came to help celebrate and oversee (and work their fingers to the bone.)  The Community Hall Pie Auction came off the following day where I was, once more, The Greeter. One pie bringer said it wouldn’t be a Pie Auction without The Greeter, which made me feel pretty good because I can’t make my famous Peanut Butter Pies anymore and so have thrown myself into the greeting role.

 My very best all-time birthday gifts were Elizabeth, from San Diego, soon followed by Rebekah, from Austin, who came to surprise their amazed and delighted grandmother. They were here for the birthday party, as well as the pie auction, the following day and were, of course, stars everywhere they went in Rising Mountains and beyond.  They were knocked out by Faith and Lloyd who hosted them in their spectacular home on Echo Lake, capturing the hearts and minds of the girls with photos and objets d’art, each with its own compelling story.

 As the month winds down to the end, I am blessed by a visit from Hal and Laura, who came to celebrate a late Charlotte birthday (well, it’s never too late to party, for goodness sake!) and to help celebrate Memorial Day at Rising Mountains, a bright and sparkling event organized by Tara, our new and splendid Activities Director, reminiscent of Anna from my early days at Rising Mountains.

 Muffin had planned to be here this month, but circumstances mitigated against her coming now. I look forward to summer when we can ride the Red Bus together all the way to the top and hear the whole Glacier story from an expert.


I have attached your cruise booking and a description of your insurance coverage to this email.

I added your gratuities to your booking, so they are paid.  I am looking into getting your flights from Celebrity, so we can just add onto the existing insurance.  That will work out to be a much better deal for all of you.

I explained to Lesley and Sandra that I think you should all fly into Amsterdam a day early - departing the U.S. on March 12.  It will take away a lot of the stress of traveling and give all of you a chance to catch your breath before you begin your cruise.  If nothing else, you can walk off some of the jet lag, maybe take a canal cruise, have a great dinner and go to sleep knowing you don't have to get up early the next morning!

Here is a link to more information about your ship:

On the left side, you can scroll through all of the European ports and pick out the ones you will see on your cruise.  From there, you can see the excursions that Celebrity is offering and get a feel for what there is to see and do.  Let me know what interests you and I will look into some private excursions for the three of you.  Having your own driver allows you to make the day your own - see the things that you want to see - stop and go at your convenience - and hopefully have some serendipitous experiences.

I look forward to hearing your ideas!