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Travelog: March 2019

Today is March 267h but anything could happen before the end of the month and there is much to be done to be ready for the trip with all obligations fulfilled, so I am trying to complete this travelog a bit early.

All the usual monthly events evented successfully in March, Douglas and Nona visited and returned from Australia, Tom and Susie did the same from a lovely Hawaiian island, Allen and I were declared to be ready for our adventure by our doctors (One is ours but his are multiple). Our good friends, Lynn and Rusty Woods, (who picked us up at 4 a.m. for the Chile trip) will do it again for our New Zealand adventure next week, but who also offered their kitchen for the celebration of Allen’s late happy birthday yesterday. Allen was the Master Chef and Mina helped her dad with the cooking/chopping and Lynn did everything else, resulting in a never-to-be-forgotten glorious oriental meal enjoyed by Allen and Mina and Lynn and Rusty and Faith and Charles and Albert and Allen and me.../.num!!

Susie and John Peachey and Jeff Siegfried all celebrated their happy birthdays this month, even as it came in like a wild winter lion and, as I write, is leaving like the gentlest of lambs.