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Flat Will trip with Glyndon, Ken and Steve to the Pima Air Museum

March 31, 2017

March weather has been a trade-off between snow and rain, but gradually old snow is melting away, robins are coming home, geese are flying in, a few at a time…and local television warns hikers that the bears are waking up and they are hungry! In other words, Persephone is making her way back to us and there is great rejoicing in Bigfork, Montana, after such a long, cold winter. We’d like to keep her awhile longer this year, but she ate those darn pomegranate seeds, so...it is what it is.

Life has quietly continued on at Rising Mountains …Joella, our hairdresser, has left us and the fair Milissa now operates the little beauty shop across the hall from my apartment. Chef Chris is taking his wife and twin sons to Oregon, and Suzette is interviewing likely replacements…it’s pretty clear to everyone around here that FOOD is a #1 priority so I expect the next chef will be one more major winner. One of the pleasures of life for me at Rising Mountains is inviting any number of guests to eat with me for any meal and I know the food will be delicious and sweetly served. It didn’t used to be that way, but the new model for assisted living facilities is a restaurant-approach to meals rather than the old boarding house set-up. The extra cost to me is minimal and worth every penny.

Cousin Shirley French is selling her house and has moved to a lovely retirement village in the Chehalis area, a mile, says she, from her ‘sweet home.’ Her girls made the move pretty painless…God bless our children!

I continue to work out at the athletic club M-W-F, and have even convinced a resident or two to come with me…and two of us are having treatments on the BEEMER, a new process that stimulates blood flow at the very finest level…more on that later when I can describe the science of it, but my position is that if it does no harm and might do some good, I should go for it.

I am planning to give myself a 92nd birthday party in the little sitting room next to my apartment, just as I did for my 90th…make that no gifts (where would I put them?), and short visits, with munchies and wine for toasting available. Not many more birthdays to come so I will honor each one as long as I am compos. I know it’s hard for the children to come because of weather and timing (Glyndon’s surgery is on the 5th), but I have lived in this valley and participated in its functioning since ’94, so will have many friends to celebrate with me….and any time family can be here, I will celebrate again…and again… and again, on the Stephie Peachey model.. Meantime, Susie and John both celebrated their own Happy Birthdays this month, with Bob and Caroline making John’s Day joyful, and Tom going all the way by taking Susie to Portland.