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June 30, 2018

This is the month we have known was out there but hoped would never come:  Rainy and Rick have sold their beautiful mountain home and bought a beach house in Washington, close to the area where Rick’s lovely daughter Kristi and family live.  Kristi has just been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and Rainy is determined to heal her by those famous natural means she is known to favor and Kristi has thus far scorned.

Rainy has found an excellent, bright and caring replacement for herself in our lives, one Susie Tolley….but oh!  What do we do without Rainy?  Allen and I grieve at the thought of losing her but know it is inevitable and necessary.

And the stars continue to wiggle and jiggle in various disturbing ways: checks started bouncing in my Glacier account (never before in my life!), exposing a complex financial situation that Jesse says is understandable, but not to me.  So then I thought this meant I was broke but Jesse quite fiercely says I am not and he insists we take the planned trip to New Zealand in February with Kitty and TV….so, we’re still going and that is a very good thing.

However, back at the ranch, Allen has had some disturbing physical difficulties that made it hard for the CNAs to care for him, to the point that Suzette suggested we put him in a full-care facility for a few days (I can’t even imagine what he would say to that!), but after two days of very real Parkinson symptoms, he is slowly returning to normal and when he saw Dr. Ducote this very day she said she couldn’t imagine what all the fuss was about.

And now we learn that Kimmie and Kenny are being evacuated from their beautiful home/property in Colorado to escape a massive 33,000 acre wild fire

June was not filled with all downers, because Mina came to spend Father’s Day with her dad.  She had expressed interest in knowing more about the lake so I was able to arrange a two-hour trip for her and Allen on the Far West with my good friend and oceanographer Chris Gotschalk as skipper.  And to fulfill another Mina longing to meet more of our Bigfork friends, I gave a small party in the sitting room next to our apartment.  I had planned to have it catered but Faith said she would just pick up a few things at Costco…and she did (in spades!!!)  She set up a beautiful table full of goodies and the event was a great success!  And our dear Dodie, returned from New Hampshire for a holiday in Bigfork, was a surprise and very welcome guest.

June was an important birthday month for my sister Pooky, for Tom and for Dodie, and I celebrated their days as best I could, given the circumstances:  Pooky in spirit, Tom some place in the world, and Dodie in New Hampshire with her daughter, Maude.