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June 30, 2017

 Summer has arrived in Bigfork, Montana… flowers blooming everywhere, grizzlies out of their dens and the Road to the Sun open!  Activities at Rising Mountains have continued at their normal frantic pace, but two items will be of particular interest to my family and friends:

 (1)  Rick and Rainy and maybe 25 other attending a friend’s memorial, were on the second story deck of a church camp on the west side of the lake,  when the deck suddenly collapsed, falling 15 feet to the ground. Most were injured, some seriously. Rick and Rainy continue to suffer the effects of the fall and  Rainy still struggles to get in and out of her car when we go shopping.

 2)  Over the last six months I have gradually but surely fallen in love…insane, of course… particularly when I tell you that the object of my affection is a 78 year old guy with a pace maker, a touch of cancer of the prostate, and almost 20 years into Parkinson’s. He is also bright and funny,  was 30 years dean of science at Fullerton College with a doctorate in zoology and ecology… and you can glimpse the nature of this sweet man who, when told we might have five years, started writing our Bucket List.  And you will understand the depth of my feeling for him when I add that I have replaced Granny’s little single with a queen-sized bed.  You will like this man.

 June was a powerful birthday month:  Dodie and Nona and Tom all celebrated theirs, and the 14th would have marked my sister’s day...I miss her very much.