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Travelog 2018: January 31

Another beautiful winter month is just ending, replete with the mandatory snow, cold, and shivers, but also with the pleasure of a visit from Mina when we did, indeed, delve even more deeply into our plans to visit Chile. All four of us have purchased our tickets, and my good friend Lynn has promised to take us to the airport at 4:00 the early morning of April 9th. She says that they have frequent guests needing to catch that early plane out of Kalispell, so she is quite used to the early rise and return home to sleep in later…what a friend!

Rainy came on the appointed day to de-Christmas the apartment, sweetly storing all the bright, beautiful ornaments, decorations and candies under her house until another year rolls round. She is an amazing friend who has made my life better ever since that day she came through my kitchen door those eight? years ago.

Allen, having been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer of the prostate, will start radiation treatments this coming week. Amazing technologies are available to us now, and the series will be completed by the time the fair Lynn drives us to the airport the morning of April 9th.

Alexa, my Christmas gift to Allen, has given no end of trouble, but my good friend, technologically-skilled Faith Brynie has overcome all the challenges and we are even now including Pandora in our requests/orders to both sometimes-reluctant girls.

Stevie Peachey celebrated his Very Happy Birthday with good friends and family in Tucson, Arizona this month, while Stephanie Peachey and Jill Siegfried lighted their own candles in California and Minnesota…sparklers and celebrations going on everywhere!