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Stephen is not really 70 but there was limited candles


January 31, 2017

It’s been a strange month…Faith had invited some of us to a brunch in honor of the New Year but cancelled it because, in the middle of the night, Lloyd had a strange bleeding episode and was carried off to the hospital… no lingering effects from that…a puzzlement.

Shortly after, I had my first experience with an official quarantine, when the Health Department put Rising Mountains under lock-down because of the evil norovirus.  Quarantine means no one in, no one out, meals in apartments on throw-away plasticware and no hall roaming.  For me, it was the perfect time to respond to Christmas notes and tend to other communications and searches there had been no time for, but for others, not so good… the dining room is where the residents socialize if they are going to, so two weeks alone in their apartments was high stress.

Other fallout from the Quarantine:  The Community Hall Board, always scheduled to meet here, met without me (secretary) in the Hall itself, leaving Willum to be president, secretary, and treasurer by himself (Treasurer Sue is wintering in Arizona).  And then the Rose Scott Study Team that meets here once a month gave up trying to deal with the complications of the quarantine and decided to meet next in February.

The day after the quarantine was lifted, the pipes in my living room burst, pouring water over pictures, chair, tables etc.  The chair covers have been to the cleaners and the cleaning person has sucked all the water he can from the rug and the carpet.  I’m going to give the affected chair a good month to dry out but I may have to replace both of them later if a musty odor develops in the filling of the drowned one.

And then there is Rainy’s misfortune when she stepped down on a patch of ice getting out of the truck, but leaving her other leg behind… Charles will be taking me shopping tomorrow and Rainy will have an MRI so the doctor can decide whether or not to do surgery on those really trashed tendons and ligaments in her knee.

And, finally, my sweet neighbor Marv died last week and Beth, his wife of 70 good years, is learning to live the rest of her life without him.

On the up side, Muffin marched with the ladies in Washington, D.C. (I think I saw her on TV), the LeftOver Biscuits sang for us here one afternoon, Stephanie Peachey and Jill Siegfried celebrated their Happy Birthdays, and Stephen Peachey celebrated his over and over with great merriment and many good friends and Douglas and Nona, as well…good times