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February 29, 2017

A week after the quarantine was lifted, it was reinstated for a week more and I started sending friend Ruth jokes to lighten the isolation load that was killing her. However, the second quarantine allowed guests into the apartments if they donned protective garb at the front desk. Few seemed to take advantage of this opportunity but I immortalized Rainy and my friend Lynn on film when they came.

Through it all, winter snowed and blew and tried to cover Rising Mountains…it was the heaviest snow since ’96… I remember that year well…headed home after a winter in Mexico, we were approaching the last mountain pass, ready to play “Oh Montana!..give this child a home…” when the highway patrol stopped all east-bound traffic. We sat in a rest stop for the next 25 hours while I pretty much sucked my thumb, yearning for 590 Swan River Road just over that hill.

I have been well… okay, during the quarantine, I had a cold/sinusitis sort of thing I haven’t had since forever, but it only lasted three days… and there is that nagging back pain that came on after the smashed vertebrae event last year, but it comes and goes and I am doing PT to strengthen my core…and last week, I had an implant for an upper right tooth that had declared itself to be unsavable by a dentist Kenny Kimbrough found for me years ago…but a painless kind of a guy whose office I enjoy visiting…no one here can believe it and I am building a clientele for Jim Hoag, periodontist.

Good news abounds: Rainy‘s knee is healing so well there is no need for surgery… I tied down all my artists for next summer…Kimmie and Kenny will be coming back in August and the LeftOver Biscuits in July. And Tom Peachey formally announced his retirement as municipal court judge in order to accept a position on the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors…so life moves on and it’s all very good.

Glyndon quietly celebrated her Happy Birthday on the second with flowers and a new nighty from Kenny...they were storing up their energy for the Big Car Trip they are taking, even as I write… and Bob celebrated his Happy Birthday on the 8th, while his grandfather Bruce smiled down on him from whatever heavenly realms he has chosen to inhabit.