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2019 travelog: February:


But, in truth, I came to realize Allen could never heal enough for us to leave in February, so I set about pushing the leaving date into April and carried on with life in other ways such as meetings and meals and dental appointments, PT and the gym and all those compelling activities that filled the January/February days of our lives at Rising Mountains.  Until finally, after a month of no walking and much Physiotherapy, we met with one Dr. Stimpson who declared that Allen had healed sufficiently to stand and walk and activate the muscles in his right leg and left arm (this one also on-hold since the new pacemaker was inserted two weeks ago). Allen immediately set about using these important appendage so that, when his progress was evaluated this very day, he was declared ready to come home to me tomorrow morning!


Meanwhile, another month has flown by, and the January birthdays of Stephie and Jill and Stephanie have long ago been celebrated by friends and family... and the February birthdays of Glyndon and Bruce and Bob and Allen have come and gone, all honored in different joyous ways.  But mostly, February 2019 will stand out in memory as the month we went into quarantine again (influenza this time) so, nobody has been allowed in the hall, food has been brought in, no visitors, and all appointments cancelled....until finally, tomorrow morning at 8:00 we are going to celebrate the end of yet another quarantine at Rising Mountains!