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ravelog: December 30th, 2018

Well, it’s the good news and the bad news:  good because the splendid Susie Tolley (whom Rainy brought to us when she and Rick knew they would be moving to the Washington coast) hauled in all my Christmas decorations, and set up/decorated the same little tree Rainy brought for my first Christmas alone on the Swan River Road.

Bad because Allen suddenly developed great cramping pains in his right thigh every night and enormous pain when he tried to stand.  As Xrays showed, there was a fracture caused by the fall he took back in November. No surgery required, but healing and PT will restore him to his travel-ready state.  As I write, he is in a fine rehab facility in Kalispell devoted to PT/OT and rest.  We look forward to Feb 1 when we leave for Hawaii …we can do this!

We celebrate the December birthdays of Jim Cekander, Louis Siegfried and Will Duke, all stars, of course and the center of attention from their own loving families.