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December 31st, 2016

Well, Glyndon and Kenny and Susie and Tom and Bob and Caroline did gather together, singing and eating and talking and laughing… but in the Kimbrough’s beautiful home in Lake Oswego, not Rising Mountains in Bigfork.  It all had to do with a crisis in Tom’s office plus the heaviest winter seen in our valley since ‘96.  I am hoping they may be able to come for Easter (April 16th this year), or even on my birthday… Meantime, December was filled with visiting friends, athletic club Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, First Friday ladies joyfully gathered on their day, a magnificent Santa and Mrs. Santa who arrived on horse-drawn sleigh to distribute gifts to the residents…Christmas was sweet, and it was good.

Faith and Lloyd are welcoming 2017 with a small coterie of us who have weathered a few storms together in the Brynie ménage and wined our way through spectacular celebrations.  Charles is picking me up at 11:00, placing us well back in our various homes before the predicted snowstorm.  Jim Cekander and Louis Siegfried and Will Duke all celebrated their happy birthdays in December, and at least one of them must have struggled through his own snowstorm to welcome friends to his new house.