Travellog 2013
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2017 Travelog December 31


2017 Travelog December 31


This month started off with the arrival of Kimmie and Kenny on their way home to Colorado, but able to stay a few hours with us here….such a pleasure to have them with us, at least for awhile.  The rest of December was devoted to holiday preparations…starting with Rainy’s arrival, packing the dear little Christmas tree she had brought me those several years ago, and adorned with ornaments from Peachey past-Christmases.  Next came mysterious packages from the mail person and from secret corners of the apartment…and next came….uh oh….influenza, rides to hospital…quarantine again, same song, second verse.  The good doctor set me free on Christmas Day and Allen and I were able to celebrate our first Christmas together, after all. 


The medicine designed to kill the flu virus (Tamaflu?) unfortunately makes me sicker than the flu bug does.  My doctor wants me to continue taking the med but it’s almost easier to have the flu…all this is in process, as I write.  Allen didn’t get sick and is on a preventive dose to keep him well. Meantime, he stars as chief cook and bottle washer and Charlotte caretaker of the first order….but Rainy got very sick and is still coughing her head off, so to speak, even as she worries about me.


Through all this, what is the weather doing? SNOWING, of course…bright, beautiful, cold and blowing snow.  Allen’s daughter Mina is due to arrive on the third so we are focused on her safe arrival and the good talks she can have with her dad. We are in the midst of planning for our Chile trip….Mina and maybe Muffin will meet us in Santiago, so there is much to talk about. She will stay in one of the little Bridge Street cottages that my friend Sally manages so I know our Mina will be in good hands.


December is a Happy Birthday month for Jim Cekander, Will Duke and Louis Siegfried…they will all be cutting their cakes and getting ready to welcome in the New Year, .and just maybe Allen and I will be celebrating the end of our quarantine.