August 2017

Like July, August was a fast mover…we attended Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the Bigfork summer theater, niece Muffin and her friend Sue visited and we took the Red Bus tour on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier (now largely burning or in imminent danger of it. Lake MacDonald Lodge is being tightly guarded against the flames so that this beautiful lodge does not suffer the same fate the Sperry lodge did last week.)  Other than that, the ladies spent considerable time reorganizing the closets since Allen moved in and Allen had knee replacement surgery shortly afterward.   Charles picked up Allen’s daughter Mina from the airport that same day…and then Stephie and Kittycolleen arrived in time to celebrate Kitty’s Happy Birthday.  Poor Kitty…I didn’t give her much of a party, with guests here and Allen home from hospital, air thick with smoke, at least 12 major fires burning all over Montana and temps in the 90s.  I’ll do much better by her next year.

There has finally been a culmination of Kittycolleen’s lucky-car-win in Tucson where TV and Kitty picked up their new truck.  I’ll do my best to attach pictures of (1) Kitty’s brother helping TV put the pieces together and (2) TV driving merrily along in the new vehicle.

Besides Kittycolleen’s Happy Birthday, Adam Peachey and Mina Brown celebrated theirs, all, I hope, in smoke free environments and in the arms of their family and friends...




Pictures at  Wally 2016 August Photos