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 Travelog 2018/August


Sunday evening, August 26th was the Riverbend’s last concert of the season and the 40-instrument Flathead County Band played enthusiastically to a small wet but delighted audience of 25 or more.  The rain started about six, the concert on schedule at seven.  Two of our volunteers are also part of the Sliter Hardware business in our valley so we were blessed with a standing Sliter umbrella which probably saved us all from getting pneumonia….and just in time for Mina’s visit. 


Not only did Mina experience the last Riverbend concert in a wet and musical  way, she also thoroughly enjoyed the following evening in the new Bigfork dinner theater.  This first play directed by my friend Karen Kolar was based on a spoof of the old “Night Court” TV shows that Mina remembered.  The actors were funny, the play amusing, and the food very tasty…an excellent evening!


Kimmie and Kenny performed again this month to the delight of Bigfork concert goers, but in the Methodist Church because of rain and I was not well so Allen alone represented us.  Even so, the church was pretty much filled by the largest audience ever to attend a Riverbend concert on a rainy night. The next evening, I was a better person so we entertained K&K in the apartment and in the dining room where they played/sang some Charlotte favorites after dinner.


Old hiking friend Elly Jones and Adam Peachey celebrated their happy birthdays in August, as well as Kitty Colleen Peachey whose husband took her out for a Lobster Dinner for heaven’s sake and then to see the hot air balloons.