April 30, 2017


The last day of April? YIKES!  I’ve been running around with my head off all month  with meetings and appointments and meals and suddenly, the days have gone and I’m not at all ready for choc-full-May...back to my theory that time is spiraling in on itself and it’s not my fault that I’ve run out of it.


There are two very special memories from this month…first, our Rose Scott Study Team finally stopped talking about taking a Field Trip and then really took one.  We are studying Music this year so went to hear Treasure the Ladies, a woman’s group of Celtic singer/players, after having a splendid dinner at the Montana Club, both in Kalispell.


And then there was the ultimate treat of four days with Tom and Sue, Bob and Caroline… dinner out, pizza in, Earth Day celebrations and HuHot delights, extraordinary musical interludes and a corrected birth certificate for Charlotte Bleecker French…who knew?…all calculated to bring joy to a grandmother’s heart.


April was also a Happy Birthday month for dear friends, Lloyd Brynie and Herb Bregman, and for Libby Lee Peachey, mother of the enchanting Hana, whose new portrait now graces my apartment.  And if April showers still bring May flowers, then I’ll be surrounded by glorious flowers all next month and maybe into June;.one friend was heard to say that she thinks she is molding.