2018 travelog: April

Well, Charles came to say goodbye and the Community Hall Board met and suddenly it was 4 in the a.m. and Lynn and Rusty were here to take us to the airport where we discovered our 6:00flight had been cancelled.  The airport personnel were terrific, eventually finding alternate flights for us that very morning, and Lynn and Rusty stayed with us until the problem was resolved, but, still, it was a sign of troubles to come.

Our plan had been to write about the ease with which the handicapped could travel around the world on their own…wrong so, very wrong!  If it had not been for Mina and Muffie, I’m quite sure we would be dead.  As it turns out there are such hazards as showers with pits to hold the victims and wooden shower floors made for slipping and skidding, and there are enclosed airport potties approximately 2” square with NO place for walkers and NO  place to hold on.  And there are, steps everywhere leading to places you need/or want to go…so get over it…and it goes on and on, resulting in a difficult journey and we surely cannot say it was a joyful or even good trip…still, there were highlights and wonderful people everywhere…well, except for the man who robbed Mina at gun point and the customs official who allowed Allen’s computer to be lost forever.  I am so tired still that I seem to be focusing on the negative but later this will be the partly good memory it already is and I will tell you about Romahue where injured wild animals are rescued and treated and the amazing couple who  built and manage the facility.

May is a happy birthday month for me, and for Garret Duke down in Texas, as well.  I usually give myself a party for my birthday, but this May 4th is also First Friday at Rising Mountains and the pie auction at the Community Hall where I am the greeter at the door, so that seems like plenty of celebration until next year.